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The final date will soon be on our calendars (since the sheep will need to be sheared no matter what)! For many years it has been in late February; comfortably before late March when new lambs start arriving. Master blade shearer, Kevin Ford, has plans to come for Shearing Day 2023! Check this page for the latest information. We will have some wonderful fleeces, for sure!

A newly published book, Rising Meadow, will have its official debut on the farm on Saturday, October 15th. Created by award-winning photographer, Houck Medford, his photos are brought to life through poems written by former NC Poet Laureate, Joseph Bathanti. It is a unique portrayal of life on a small sheep farm in North Carolina. 

American Farmland Trust is promoting the book as a way of encouraging donations toward their goal of saving farmland - No Farms, No Food.

For further information, visit the website Rising Meadow.


You will notice an increase in prices across the board as the costs to raise and process livestock have increased. However, the quality of our Lamb and Chicken remains the same. Whether on the grill, in the oven, or in a slow cooker we are so proud of the product we can offer you!


Our chickens are raised and processed right here on the farm. They were bred to grow quickly and ultimately have more meat than most. Our chickens are sold whole--most between 5 and 6 lbs. There are some wonderful recipes that we're happy to share!

Whole frozen chicken - $6.50/lb.

Call or text Beth Henry (336) 202-8893 or email
<ewhenry64 'at' gmail 'dot' com> with orders or if you have questions.


Our season for offering lamb meat began in September. We do have a few cuts of meat available here at the farm AND we will have a new supply of meat by Friday, October 14th!

Let us know if you have any requests for specific cuts or a whole lamb by the first of each month. Your order will be ready to pick up 2 weeks later. And we love to share recipes!

Lamb Prices as of Fall 2022

Cut of Lamb Price/lb.
Leg of Lamb (bone-in) $14.00
Leg of Lamb (boneless) $15.75
Loin Roast (boneless) $23.00
Loin Chops $20.00
Rack of Lamb $22.00
Rib Chops $20.00
Chop Lovers/Sirloin $15.00
Shanks $14.00
Shoulder Roast (bone-in) $13.50
Shoulder Roast (boneless) $14.00
Stew Meat $14.25
Ground Lamb $14.00
Spare Ribs $10.00
Neck (whole or chops) $10.00
Liver, Heart, Kidneys $7.00
Soup Bones $5.00

A whole lamb can be ordered and cut to your specifications. They are sold by the hanging weight, not the packaged meat weight. Price is $10/lb hanging weight.

We take cash, checks, and credit cards.
Definitely NO PETS other than identified service dogs.

Call (336) 622-1795 with any questions.

more to come...

More information will be added to this week by week!




Home| The Farm | Flocks & Products | Recipes | Directions | Special Events

Rising Meadow Farm

Ann and Ron Fay
3750 Williams Dairy Road
Liberty, NC 27298

Beth and Winfield Henry
7512 Old Liberty Road
Liberty, NC 27298

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